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Our Services

Substation Installation

HVES can take an entire project, from start to finish. We’ve got the teams, knowledge & equipment to do it all.

Cable Installation

Our highly experienced cable pulling teams can install most types/sizes of cables.

Cable Jointing

Our cable jointers are fully trained & competent in all aspects of HV & LV cable jointing.


Testing & Commissioning

Our trained engineers carry out this highly specialised activity to the highest techncal and safety standards.


Project Management

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SAP Duties

We can provide SAP’s for all of your switching needs for projects up to 33kv and for specific projects up to 132kV.

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

To keep your High Voltage systems running their best, you need a reliable, experienced and honest expert partner.

Reliable, so that you know any work that needs to be done will be carried out quickly and to the highest standards.

Experienced, because you don’t want your critical systems used as a training ground.

Honest, because you need to know you’ll get the right advice and the most appropriate service every time.

High Voltage Engineering Services deliver.

We offer the full spectrum of services that you need. We have the people, the skills and the in-depth knowledge of all the aspects you are likely to require to deliver your electrical and other utility systems.

Whether you are an Asset Owner, Site Owner, Main or Sub Contractor, Consultant, or a Facilities Management Company, we will partner with you to offer exceptional service. Using our extensive expertise, we can tailor our service to exactly what you need.

Whatever you do and no matter where you are located, High Voltage Engineering Services will deliver a professional and effective service.

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